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Jan. 21st, 2016 | 01:25 am

2016! Please be good! 🙏


Oct. 10th, 2012 | 09:23 am

Naaah! It's been a long time since I posted here. I have been busy in school 
 I had no time for this. (I know it's sad :(( ). But now, since the school semester 
 nearly end, I'll be having time for myself! :)))) There are still a project 
 exam coming sooooooooo... 

 would like to promote our video project for my Japanese language class 
 your Youtube views and likes will be counted. Please do watch and 
 it! :)) I'll assure you it is hilarious! hahahaha. So here it is...


Plus behind the sceneees! 



Johnnys Movie Invasion 2013

Jul. 1st, 2012 | 11:52 pm

Originally posted by chizzyrei at Johnnys Movie Invasion 2013

According to Hiroo Otaka (writer for Mainichi Shimbun & Nikkan Gendai), more than 10 movies are already scheduled for release under Toho next year. Surprisingly, more than half of which are starred by actors from Johnny & Associates, namely: Kamenashi Kazuya, Ikuta Toma, Ninomiya Kazunari, Taichi Kokubun, Sakurai Sho, and Okada Junichi. The line-up is rare, and without any SMAP member's name in the list so far.

Take Your Pick from the List:

Ikuta Toma- Nou Otoko (“Brain Man”)

Release Date: February 2013

A movie adaptation of Urio Shudo’s 2000 Edogawa Rampo Award-winning novel Nou Otoko (“Brain Man”).

In his first “dark hero” role, Ikuta will be playing a mysterious unfeeling killing machine named Ichiro Suzuki who commits murders in the name of justice.

His character possesses an unusually high intelligence and prodigious memory, but is also completely incapable of feeling human emotion.

The role will reportedly be physically demanding, involving intense action scenes. Ikuta has been training in various martial arts for about 6 months in preparation for filming, including the Filipino martial art Kali and Bruce Lee’s hybrid system, Jeet Kune Do.

The story is set in a suburban city in the wake of indiscriminate serial bombings. Yosuke Eguchi (44) will play Chaya, a police detective who discovers Suzuki in the hideout of the bomber, a salaryman named Midorikawa. Yasuko Matsuyuki (39) will play a neurosurgeon tasked with evaluating Suzuki.

The rest of the list...Collapse )

I'm not exactly sure if he's referring to Kame's YNB or Ore Ore though.

2nd half of 2012
July 28: Kanjani8- Eito Rangers 
October: Johnny Juniors + Takaki Yuya- Bakaleya Movie
Dec 15: Kamenashi Kazuya- Yokai Ningen Bem the Movie

credits: 1, 2, 3, 4Nippon Cinema

The list and the plot looks very promising.
Just by the role description given, I think Toma-Kame-Nino can battle it out for Best Actor or something. *gets shot*


Jul. 1st, 2012 | 07:48 am

Currently, I am into a massive in-touch with my major. I, as an IS major, must be updated of ongoing conflicts, must put into my heart the contents of such international treaties, conventions, protocols, conferences, etc., must study a certain language, must study different cultures of different states, must know everything about UN, must study almost EVERYTHIIIIIING! -.- Plus I am having my minor in Economics. T.T  

I must put aside my Toma fetish mode. T.T


Jun. 22nd, 2012 | 08:14 pm


Since I'm a Asian Studies major, I'm very familiar with the story of Genji from The Tale of Genji by Murasaki of Japan. Theeeeeeen,  Toma is the new Genji of the movie Genji Monogatari: Sennen no Nazo (2011) and today is the release of the DVD, I'm very excited for it to have English subtitles. lol So that I can waaaatch it. :))))))

What does this have to end?

Jun. 22nd, 2012 | 07:51 am

*Bokura Ga Ita review:
 from: www.mangaupdates.com

The best review of Bokura Ga Ita I've ever read! Yeah, I'm still not recovered from that manga. I just can't get over on how does Bokura Ga Ita affects me emotionally. Sometimes, I wish this manga never ends, I will truly miss all the characters in it especially the things that this specific manga made me realize. :\

Bokura Ga Ita

Apr. 19th, 2012 | 08:37 pm

y favorite shoujo manga eveeeeeer. 

  Even though it ended recently, my love for this manga would never end! Such lines in this manga would still fascinate me even though I read it three times already. I laugh, cry, infuriate because of this. That's why it would leave a great mark on me as a person. Yes, I learn something from this manga.

  Also, when the news about having a live action movie about Bokura Ga Ita came out, I am very glad to hear it since I would like to see it with real people portraying the story. Long before, I'm rooting for Ikuta Toma to be Yano, my favorite character in this manga. And till the cast revealed, aaaaaaahhhhhhh! I was the happiest girl on Earth that time. It's been mu wish to see him as Yano. Well, as I am not in Japan, I will wait for a long time for it to be release in DVD and watch it. :( But I will patiently wait for Toma and for this manga. 


Apr. 19th, 2012 | 08:22 pm

Ikuta Toma! 

My eyecandyyyyy! And yeah, I love everything about this man. Behind this handsome face, there is a dismal story. It's sad that he was not able to go through singing and dancing career path which he chose first upon entering entertainment industry but I believe choosing acting career path was the right thing he have done. Look at him now! He is making his own name through that. I tell you, I was displeased that he did not debut but I am happy that with his perseverance to stand up alone, he is rare kind in Johnny's Entertainment. A fully versatile actor surrounded by singers and musician. Great indeed.

Until now, I'm hoping that he would have new projects such as dramas and movies so I can continually watch him. lol Yet, he deserves it. Sooooooo Pleaaaaaaase! hahahaha. 

A Neophyte

Apr. 19th, 2012 | 05:43 pm

Hellooooooooooooo! This is my 1st post here (obviously -.- )

I'm hoping that I will be active enough to use this journal.

and let me welcome myself here. hahaha :))))